From Carla after a long day with multiple sweating opportunities — first, in a dress and a graduation cap and gown — agh! (Can those gowns be dry cleaned??) After that, a trek (still in the dress that will never be the same!) through a sustainable farm that Joster is building (bananas and tons of ants and red dirt—really a great project— and Julian wanted to see it all)— and then to the new land for MINTS (with bricks made from the land and Zomba Mountain in the background). Lastly, a 30 minute wait in a line for gas before going back to the Lodge. Only the generator going, so no water. Praying it comes on before we leave at 8:30 in the morning because I really could use a shower!

Please pray for Carla’s 33-hour trip back to Pittsburgh, and her return to Florida on Monday.