Thursday’s classes finished around 1:00 so that students could practice for graduation and the MINTS directors could meet and debrief the week, including hearing a report on my time with the faculty (Mon./Tues) and the students (Wed/Thurs). Many positive, encouraging comments. There seems to be a sincere openness to teach and promote Christian education. Some of the faculty who will be tasked with facilitating our courses are thinking of adding a Masters’ in Christian Education degree (M.C.E.) to their already impressive list of degrees. Dr. Yakobe (MINTS Malawi director) asked us to return to start the next course (which is Quentin’s Research course), and then later to help start the curriculum course (that I wrote). Pray this first course (EDU 610) goes well. I think the profs are ready to facilitate — time will tell. 

We had around 35 students (Wed./Thurs), all of whom are taking Bible and theology courses. The idea of applying biblical principles to every part of education was somewhat new to them, but their knowledge of the Bible was so high that they quickly grasped the truth of what I was teaching — And, man did they have sound biblical answers for the problem situations I place in front of them! 

Today was graduation — Not like any I have ever seen! Dancing into the auditorium, dancing while waiting, and dancing as they exited! And joyous faces all around! Graduation is a HUGE deal for these students. I was invited to speak, so briefly encouraged them to pass on what they have received at MINTS to the next generation. (I used Psalm 76:4 of course) and encouraged them to sign up for the MCE program, with EDU 610 officially starting the end of this month. Several came up to me and said they were signing up and wanted a picture with me (See Sarah and DK Rose in the photos). Lovely young ladies! Julian Zugg was here for a few days and handed out diplomas. The two of us were asked to be in many pictures with graduates we had never met. It was fun, but somewhat strange. Almost forgot — Banner of Truth donated a box of good theological books to each graduate!! (See pics). I wonder who we can get to donate educational books?!

On the way back to the Lodge, we found a store that had Diet Pepsi — okay, yes, I have missed having it — and South African chocolate – -Oh yes!! Ate chicken and rice (again) and now waiting for the MINTS folks to come and take us to see the place they are planning to build MINTS classrooms. Right now they are meeting at the Evangelical Baptist Church where there is not much room for anything.

My room at the 24 July Lodge has been exceptionally nice — except when the power goes off and we lose lights, internet, A/C, and water. This happens every day, but if at night, the Lodge will turn on the generator and we can have lights, water, and internet. Supposedly we have warm water — let’s just say we have different definitions of WARM!! Brrrr. 

Heading back to the States tomorrow — 33+ hours of travel.