“My eyes have come open.” As we finished up three days of classes working through our Foundations course with the students from ITC MINTS Seminary, this quote from a student, as well as other comments, made all thoughts of our tired feet (and tired everything!) disappear. This class was not our usual, well-practiced presentation and there was some apprehension going in (and a few very late nights!). Additionally, communication was difficult and we questioned whether they would understand our “foreign” English. Well, I’m here to say, it appears God loves to take our feeble efforts and bless them even when we doubt. Amazing! Communication got a little better each day, and our planning, though a bit rushed, kept us going. Our spur-of-the-moment decisions to vary from the plan and include unplanned activities (definitely not our norm) actually worked. Students learned some important truths, had some fun, and were most grateful for the help. And we made new friends! I so wish everyone reading this could be here with us right now.

I am lost for words to express what a privilege it has been for us to teach and interact with these students—kind, humble servants of the Lord. They all work full time, yet are finding the time to pursue a seminary degree. Some are preachers. One is an evangelist. Another a business man. One teaches IT and Bible. One is a singer and another is a choir director. All are wanting to learn more about God and, in our course, about Christian education in the church and in the school. Several are refugees from Eritrea where persecution of Christians is strong and they wonder if they will be able to return after completing their seminary studies. Please pray the truths taught, and seemingly well-received, will grow deep roots and bring about needed change. Solomon used my camera to take pictures, so we have lots. I hope you can begin to imagine being here — maybe one day you will be! 

Coming up — Church tomorrow with Olivier, a meeting with some ITC board members on Monday, a surprise parent workshop on Tuesday (that we haven’t even started working on!), and a luncheon on Wednesday. And somewhere we have to go shopping; traditional Ethiopian crafts are beautiful and I’ve got requests to bring home “real” coffee!  We leave for the U.S. late Wednesday night. Thanks again for your prayers!