(Christine, Nancy, and Shallot)


After meeting with some of our PS78-TEP students yesterday, my conclusion was that those who study with us are “passionate overachievers.” They are passionate about their work with children, and they are overachievers involved in ministries above and beyond their family, church, and job commitments. The students here know that PS78-TEP is currently not “accredited” in Uganda (a concern discussed yesterday) and, therefore, will most likely not lead to career advancement or monetary gain, yet they choose to study! Every one of them expressed how difficult it was to find time to study between their many other responsibilities, yet they keep going! 

I’d like to briefly introduce two of our newer “passionate overachievers” from yesterday: Shallot and Christine in Cohort 4:

First up is Shallot, a gifted communicator— she “talks” with her hands and her face! –and has a degree in Physics. She has become the “go-to” consultant for Ugandan Christians who need help with their homeschool curriculum. I wish you could have seen her talk about what she has learned and  “how naturally it comes for me to say [to my students] that God put all this together.” Homeschool parents have noticed and are amazed at her way of bringing God into lessons.

Next up is Christine, who grew up in a Christian orphanage, graduated from African Bible University with a degree in Biblical studies, and loves to work with and teach the older teenagers at her church. She is a thinker who quickly jumps in and asks questions. She wants to KNOW! And, she wants everything she teaches to be “as close to the Bible as we can.”

All in all, it was a good, good day: lots of hugs, catching up, getting to know the newbies, vision casting, setting goals, addressing questions/problems, and praying. Please pray that both the personal and cohort goals will be met this year by these passionate overachievers who are so busythey make my head spin!

Sunday was spent worshipping with the Williams and the wonderful group of believers at New City Community Church, part of the Reformation Church of East Africa, a relatively new Presbyterian denomination.

Up tomorrow: Teacher workshop at Life Care School in Kampala — around 24 teachers and administrators. Prayers, please!!

P.S. Our final piece of luggage with all the books for the schools arrived today!! 

NOTE: Only Carla and Quentin are on this trip. The McLane’s are still at home.